Literature Review on Oil Depletion

I’ve spent some of the last few months studying oil depletion. It’s less about models and more about strategy, information and international politics. The Geologists are mainly pessimistic, predicting peak oil soon. The economists are more optimistic, maybe because they think you can throw money at any economic problem (i.e. by higher prices) and get more oil. Ultimately though, once non-OPEC oil is gone (which must happen first, because OPEC hold much more reserves), OPEC hold all the cards and nobody can predict what they’ll do. Read my full PDF.

2 Responses to Literature Review on Oil Depletion

  1. Adam Luciano says:

    Really interesting.

  2. Eric Tham says:

    Right now with shale oil (not oil shale) and with the recent findings in Bakken and Eagle Ford, the USA is even expected to be an oil exporter. But read James Hamilton’s paper No amount of technological innovation can stop peak oil from occuring.
    But given that shale oil and gas are in a way totally different resources – will it be different this time?

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