Commodities on UK TV

There’s a number of TV programmes related to commodities which are regularly shown on UK TV. As usual, they can be downloaded on BBC iPlayer for a few weeks after each TV broadcast (if you are in the UK).  I find they tend to rotate, so if you’ve missed an episode, it will probably be re-broadcast within 6 months.

Windfarm Wars

A series about developers wishing to build a windfarm in a scenic part of Britain, who encounter a lot of local hostility. There’s some information about the science of windfarms, but it’s mainly following the legal planning progress, details about noise data, wind speed data etc.  Interesting because it shows the huge perceived social costs of wind farms, and the long delays in implementing them.  A 4 part series, fairly slow moving.

The Secret Life of the National Grid

A 3-part series about the construction and social effects of the electricity grid and electricity in general.  Mostly I find it’s about the social revolution caused by having on-demand electricity.

Richard Hammond’s Engineering Connections

I haven’t watched this yet, but one episode describes the technology in the ships that carry LNG.

And another episode describes the technology behind an offshore natural gas platform.


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