Send me your questions!

Send me your questions on commodities (related to financial modelling) and I’ll do my best to answer or suggest further reading.  Post them at .

4 Responses to Send me your questions!

  1. Byron says:

    Will, I have some questions for you. I have recently entered into the foray of commodities markets this summer. Although I have taken a basic economics course and loved it, I am an engineering student without significant background in the subject. I am currently trying to create several models to track and predict price changes in certain commodities. I am working mostly with metals and some energy commodities.

    My questions for you are, where do I get started? Do you have any suggested reading? Should I study up on econometrics or is there a better way? I would appreciate any comments in regards to these questions.

  2. Chris Johnson says:

    William, Just quick head’s up that the new link for the 1991 paper by Gabillon is at :

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